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04.04.18 - Tesla has begun installing ‘solar roofs’ manufactured in Buffalo on customers’ homes

"The first customers who ordered Tesla Inc.'s 'solar roof' products are getting them installed on their houses, a sign that the company's energy strategy is coming to life. The solar roof [product], of course, is being made at the massive factory on South Park Avenue in Buffalo, where Tesla and Panasonic Corp. are partnering to make the products."

"The roof is marketed along with Tesla Powerwall batteries to store energy, and will integrate with charging stations for Tesla's electric vehicles."

"Tesla, which told analysts last year that its solar shingles were already sold out well into 2018, is delivering solar shingles produced in Buffalo in the order that placements are received."

Read the full Buffalo Business First article here

04.02.18 - Vornado and Related Venture Hoping to Create Research Center at Farley Building

"The venture of Vornado Realty Trust and Related Cos. behind the commercial redevelopment of the old Farley Post Office Building in Midtown Manhattan is focusing on a modern and high-tech use of the 105-year-old structure as its long-delayed makeover into a grand train hall gains traction... the venture has a 99-year lease to develop about 900,000 square feet of office and retail space, is gearing up to attract biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other life-sciences businesses to the massive Roman classic structure."

"The joint venture’s effort highlights the recognition among the city’s biggest real-estate developers that the city’s office market will be powered by new types of businesses. For the last decade, expanding technology firms have eclipsed New York’s financial-services industry as the biggest engine of growth."

"The team also is marketing the five-story building as a horizontal campus, stretching two city blocks and offering massive floor sizes upward of 100,000 square feet, high ceilings and a 70,000-square-foot green space on the roof with a glass and steel amphitheater."

Read the full Wall Street Journal article here

03.30.18 - State reaches $2B deal for Fidelis-Centene sale

"Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders have agreed to sweeping changes in insurance law that should allow the state to capture $2 billion from the sale of nonprofit health insurer Fidelis without jeopardizing the multi-billion dollar deal. The issue was one of the final sticking points in the state's $168.3 billion spending plan."

"The deal, reached just before legislators left for Passover and Easter, allows the Cuomo administration to obtain a portion of the company's sale price, and collect some of Fidelis' excess reserves should it walk away from the sale and continue as a nonprofit insurer." 

"In the end, it provides the state with an enormous pot of money, allows the church control of an approximately $3 billion charity and gives Centene a clear path to take over Fidelis, which most Wall Street analysts have ruled a net win for its long-term business. Centene's stock price has spiked roughly 6 percent in the past two days as optimism increased that a deal would come together."

Read the full Politico PRO article here

03.28.18 - Tesla wants to accelerate upstate dealer network

"Electric car maker Tesla is back in the Capitol pushing for permission to expand its network of dealers into upstate markets after an unsuccessful attempt almost a year ago. '“I’d like to make sure there’s an opportunity for people to buy these vehicles in upstate New York,” Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle said Tuesday during a press conference to promote a bill that would allow the cars to be sold across the state. Republican George Amedore of Schenectady is sponsoring the measure in the Senate."

"Thanks to the state’s restrictive rules on who can or can’t sell new automobiles, someone who lives in, say, Buffalo or Albany has to travel to Ontario, Pennsylvania or the New York City area to buy one of these electric cars."

"Tesla currently has five company-run stores, all in the downstate region including Westchester, New York City and Long Island. The bill in question would expand to 20 the number of stores that Tesla could have with at least five being located upstate. It would also dictate that Tesla would offer service at their stores."

Read the full Times Union article here

03.22.18 - How Success Academy Got Its First Seniors to College

"All 17 seniors in the first graduating class of the city’s largest charter network have gotten into four-year colleges, including Boston College, Emory University and Tufts University. They all started together in 2006, when the network opened its first elementary school in Harlem. In addition to their own ambition, they faced pressure to excel as a proof point for a charter network that has ardent fans and fierce detractors."

"Back when the Class of 2018 started, they were among 73 students in first grade. Those remaining express deep loyalty to their classmates and teachers. For years, they watched as friends left for schools that had less homework, fewer rules, shorter days, more sports and bigger pools of classmates for socializing, or the allure of selective district high schools. They take pride in their persistence."

"Success Academy officials say their charters have low attrition rates compared with other schools serving their demographic.  “It’s rare to find an environment with people who look like you…black and brown kids, and world-class teaching,” said Kelvin Jennings, who wears a sweatshirt showing his college pick, Tulane University."

Read the full Wall Street Journal article here

03.21.18 - North Rockland mayors: We proudly said ‘yes’ to the Champlain Hudson Power Express

"As the mayors of Haverstraw and West Haverstraw, two municipalities directly impacted by the Champlain Hudson Power Express, we'd like to talk about the benefits this completely buried clean energy project provides North Rockland communities and the number of jobs the project will create."

"Every elected official in the host communities looked at all of the facts, diligently advocated for their constituents and worked with the company developing the project. In the end we determined this project and its proposed new route does, indeed, benefit our communities."

"And, that is why we proudly said "yes" to the Champlain Hudson Power Express."

Read the full LoHud article here

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